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  • Amanda Rosado

    Technical Advisor

    Amanda Rosado

    AMANDA ROSADO holds a master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on organizations and communities from the University of South Carolina. For the past ten years, she has worked with individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness in various settings including a drop in center, emergency shelter, HIV clinic, and permanent supportive housing programs. As a strong advocate for housing first and recovery oriented systems of care, she is passionate about utilizing evidence based practices and providing effective interventions to work with some of the most vulnerable populations.
  • Elissa Plancher

    Technical Advisor

    Elissa Plancher

    ELISSA PLANCHER has years of hands-on experience in the homelessness and housing sector administering a variety of housing projects and programs for people experiencing homelessness. She is focused on developing and implementing effective solution-oriented strategies to help enrich the lives of individuals who are experiencing homelessness or reintegrating into the community by making decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities accessible to these vulnerable residents. She graduated from Florida State University in 2004 with her Bachelors of Science, majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Political Science.


  • What does this bundle include?

    This course bundle includes a total of four courses: 1) Trauma-Informed Care 2) Cultural Competency 3) Harm Reduction and 4) Motivational Interviewing

  • How much is the bundle?

    Each course purchased separately is $50. The bundle is only $125 - a savings of $25.

  • Are these courses recorded?

    Yes. Though we provide live instruction, all our courses are recorded and uploaded within one day of the live course.

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